Your Successful Goal Achievement Is Your Biggest Asset, When Trading A-Coin Token cryptocurrency

Your Successful Goal Achievement Is Your Biggest Asset, When Trading A-Coin Token cryptocurrency

Your Successful Goal Achievement Is Your Biggest Asset, When Trading A-Coin Token cryptocurrency.

Let’s face it! All digital currencies are based on trust but in essence are fake by nature. This is because digital currencies including cryptocurrencies are made up out of thin air. It’s true digital money is nothing more than fictitious images, numbers, and ideas. These elements of creating digital money then gain a foothold in the financial systems do to the trust that they build. Because people trust in digital money it is recognized as something of worth. Think about it… If no one trusted in Bitcoin or other alt-coins they would have no power at all to move financial markets. The entire blockchain cryptocurrency system is built upon and relies on one person trusting another, in a transaction that seeks to benefit both parties.

On the other hand, A-Coin Token relies on you trusting yourself to create value. Let me explain… The faith and trust in the system of A-Coin Token as a valid currency is almost completely reliant on the actions of the individual, You. A-Coin Token is like no other coin or token asset on any crypto exchange, because A-Coin Token couples itself with the physical actions of people. What is that physical action? Successful Goal-Achievement. No other cryptocurrencies can make this statement as most are moving towards complete technology based and backed ideas, moving away from the human experience. Matter of fact one of the main uses of A-Coin Token is to reestablish humanities connection to the planet and each other.

When Successful Goal-Achievement is used as an asset to be traded on the blockchain the connection to a winning attitude is amplified. The cryptocurrency itself becomes a secondary factor, not the first, as with virtually all other digital money. We have to keep in mind and make it clear that cryptocurrencies are only but tools, not true representations of humanity itself. Trading successful goal-achievement makes clear that the human-being comes first, with all other technologies, inventions, and ideas taking a secondary position. To disconnect ourselves from the human experience for a few fictitious coins will surely lead us down a dark path, towards a future where we will no longer recognize the human being.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the decentralization of money away from criminal governments and big tech. A-Coin Token was conceived for the purpose of decentralization, but also with the ultimate understanding that people are the true assets of the world. Uplifting people by showing them positive ways to access higher goal-achievement through trading crypto is just a good idea. When a person accomplishes set goals it is by default a positive experience. So, having more people accomplishing their goals creates a bridge between True Success and a positive human experience. People who experience greater successes are more incline to share their successful achievements with others, which in my mind raises the positive experience of the collective.

Even as I am writing this article I have a deep feeling there are many new people willing to take a serious look at how A-Coin Token (ACT) will foster their next successful goal achievement. I hold on to the belief that people who build a life full of successful goal-achievements are more willing to share with other less fortunate people. This is especially true for people that build their wealth from the bottom up. What better way to spread Good Karma Energy than to pay Successful Goal Achievement forward. So not only does A-Coin Token allow a you to trade your successful goal achievement as an asset, it also lets you spread Good Karma Energy everywhere. You just can’t beat that kind of life.

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Respectfully, Michaelson Williams,TSX, Author of True Success Naturally, Editor-n-Chief at MMAP Magazine, Creator of the A-Coin Token project

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