You Receive What You Give Out

You Receive What You Give Out

by: Jocelyn Hogg

In every circumstance of your life, you are receiving what you have given, it doesn’t matter if you make the connection or not. You are the one deciding what your life will be – by what you give out. What are you sending out to the universe?


They say karma is a belief that whatever you do, not just in deeds but also in thoughts and words as well will come back to you, either in this life or the next. Do you believe in karma? I do.

You already know for sure about the good and bad karma. Do good and goodness comes back to you. Be kind, spread kindness and like a boomerang it will come back to you. That’s good karma. I will never forget this video of Life Vest Inside -Kindness Boomerang:

I want to share that with you for you to see, what a single act of kindness can do and how far it goes and how it will go back to you in most surprising ways. The universe is so wonderful and it works like magic. Everything you do, say or think, the universe will react to it. It’s a boomerang!

The Good Karma Army/ Good Karma Community

Image from @TruSuccessXpert

@TruSuccessXpert started this community. What is Good Karma Army Community? It’s paying forward! Pass it on!

I receive $1 from @TruSuccessXpert and as the Good Karma Army started, I’m going to share 50% of it. And if I share it with you, I hope you can keep it going and share half of what you receive. And whoever you give it to should share half of it too. Pass it on!

Here’s the full article:

Let’s keep this giving going. Always remember in giving, you are telling the universe to give you more blessings so you can share more blessings.

Thank you so much.

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