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Michaelson Williams What Do You Have To Lose?

What Do You Have To Lose?

Powerful Brain Training

Why do you think the way you do?
This question, while so simple on the surface, will reveal a fundamental truth we must all face. We think the way we do today because we were taught too… we were brainwashed. From the moment of our births, we have been indoctrinated into a system that serves few while subjugating the many. This is not an intentional effort by our parents or loved ones,instead, it is an accepted facet of life few even realize is taking place. From our education system to our entertainment, all aspects of our existence are carefully designed to take control from us -control we can take back with proper training!

Trainwashing is the mental cleansing program that will break you free of the status quo, reset your brain and help you achieve the “True Success” you truly deserve. When you realize,or remember, that you can honestly do anything… then anything is possible. Removing the negative mantras that have brainwashed you into thinking things are ‘meant to be this way’ or have kept you in a cycle of ‘busy work’, is the first step into becoming who you are meant to be – who you were always meant to be before the world told you differently.

Starting today, you can rewind and retrain your brain. With Trainwashing you can discover who you really are, leave behind the ranks of the mundane and join the circle of the1% elites.

Review by: David Clarke

The message I take from this short guide is that in order to achieve my dreams, it is imperative that I trainwash myself. Trainwashing is the opposite of our daily negative brain washing. We are constantly told that we can’t do X and Y, or that Z is beyond our capabilities; Michaelson Williams is here to explain how this harmful conditioning can be unlearned.

The other self-help literature that comes to mind, by way of comparison, is John Bradshaw’s “Healing the shame that binds you”. Bradshaw, like Williams, teaches the importance of shedding internalised guilt and all the cruft of lifelong negativity. The main difference between the two books is that “Trainwashing” is supposed to improve a person’s ambition and acumen more than his emotional health, although there is some overlap.

I enjoyed the book and would recommend it. I’ve been following the 20 daily rules of trainwashing, and although it’s too early to say how much this has improved my mental game, at least it’s fun.

True Success Naturally

Everyone wants their life to be successful and meaningful, yet all too often, we stagnant and are left with questions: Why am I unable to succeed? Why am I scared? These questions are normal, and assail many of us.

True success in life seems fleeting or even unattainable – but it doesn’t have to be that way. You already have all the tools you need to succeed, right now, today. CLP, or Corrective Linguistic Programming, is a way to reprogram and remind your brain of what it already knows how to achieve, True Success… naturally.

This, and other methods described in this book, will allow you to navigate your path to a healthier approach to life and allow your subconscious to work for you, instead of against you. Simple techniques, which are easy to learn and implement, will improve your life as you form new habits that will lead you to the true success you crave, all with the power of your own mind. Your journey to a new, and brighter future, starts today.

Review by: Jamie M.

I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with creating a reality suitable for success

I am completely honored to be the first person reviewing this book on Amazon. I had no idea that it was going to be as good as it was and still is, as I am reading it over again. I can already feel my thinking or view of the world “my reality” changing for the better! True Success Naturally is truly an out-of-the-box approach to optimistic thinking.

There are so many mind changing quotes; however, I feel this one in particular truly represents the purpose of this book. “The greatest teacher realizes exactly where the pupil is on his or her journey and directs them in a manner which they can understand. The teacher speaks in a way the pupil can identify with in that moment, in order to move the student one step towards higher consciousness.”
~ Michaelson Williams

I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with creating a reality suitable for success or as explained in the book “True Success”. I’m looking forward to the positive changes that I will be able to make in my life beginning with the upcoming 2017 year. I am also looking very much forward to reading more from author Michaelson Williams. If his other “positive brain training for true success” books are in line with this one, then I’m jacked about getting to read them!


Health and Fitness

The exercise and diet industry is a billion-dollar business – and it’s no wonder why. Everywhere you look, people are struggling with their weight and their health, and many of us don’t know why. Some seek out the newest fad or trend and jump on board, desperately hoping that THIS will be the secret to their success, only to end up disappointed. Yet what if the problem isn’t with you, but with the things you’ve been told?

What if you could reprogram your preconceived notions about health and start over with a new outlook? This book is not a diet book, nor an exercise manual – instead this book is a journey, one that will reeducate you and change your mind about the world of fitness. Being I’m core fit has less to do with what you do and more to do with how and when you do it.

Starting today, you can reprogram your preconceived notions and discover the self-motivation you need to make the changes you want. I’m Core Fit is about you, for you. YOU are in charge, and these small baby steps will help you remember that and take control of today, for a better tomorrow.

Review by: J. McCoy

This book is a must read. It opened my eyes to the truth and helped me to change my mindset when it came to my health. I’m core fit also gives daily principles to live by that will change your life. After reading this book I felt a renewed commitment to make life long changes in order to become healthy and stay healthy. I recommend this book to anyone who is seriously ready to become successful and healthier for the rest of your life.


Review by: MacFit

I’m Core Fit is a must read for anyone (beginners, fitness enthusiasts, and fitness experts) who is looking to understate the “heart of fitness” and establish sustainable balanced living. Mr. Williams’ narratives, practical advice, creative solutions, and fitness tips are enriching. This book equips the reader with the tools and a psychology to tackle their unique personal challenges and reach higher fitness levels. Simply put, I’m Core Fit is impactful and life changing.

Advance Fitness Guide

The purpose of this book is to answer some of the questions my readers have had about I’m Core Fit: Success in One Day for the Rest of Your Life! Anytime you introduce brand new ideas to a standard thinking system there will be challenges, rebuttals, and tests of the new system. I always welcome questions about the philosophy and psychology of my very different way of thinking about fitness. The I’m Core Fit way of thinking and the I’m CloudFit way of training is ever changing, as the human body is able to adapt to almost any environment; the more we test our bodies, the more we will have to change the way we think about how we deal with our own health and fitness.

In this book, I hope to once more engage every level of fitness for every purpose and every person. This book is meant to be a quick hitter — reading material that you can carry around in your travels to guide and motivate you through your workouts while keeping you excited about doing them. If ever you are reading my books on fitness and you feel like information may be contradictory, it is because this information is set for different levels of fitness. There may be something in one book that does not apply to your current level of health and fitness. On the other hand, information in another book will set you on the exact path that you need to be on and help you achieve great personal success in your health and fitness.

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