Stop Losing Money Investing In Cryptocurrency

Stop Losing Money Investing In Cryptocurrency

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Stop losing by investing your hard earned money in cryptocurrency. The emotional pros and cons are less evident when trading digital money. It’s all fake anyway, right? How you think and feel about trading crypto matters. Your trading emotion will determine whether you will be successful at it or not. Another thing.Listen if you want, or don’t, but your money has little to no power in the digital currency market, and I’ll tell you why. But not right now.

Right now I want to talk about the fast and volatile movement of digital currency trading. If you are not having fun in your crypto trading life because of the roller coaster ride, get out. Get off the ride now! It’s not for you. Yet, if you love the way it feels to be up one day and down the next, only to be up again in an hour or so. Stay on and enjoy the ride. Like anything else in life you’ll get used to it over time.

Cryptocurrency trading is an exciting experience for some, but most are losing money. Something in the range of 95% of trader’s lose their money and fail at trading cryptocurrency. The odds are against you from the get go and it’s because your emotions are high and your money is low.

There is a certain psychology that most people don’t have and cannot develop about money. When I say “cannot develop” I mean this only in the short-term sense. Over time a person can learn almost anything. But, if you are learning to trade digital currency while filled with negative money emotion, forget about it. Your money is gone…

I know, I know, but you’re different. You are going to make millions even billions after you learn about trading crypto in a few weeks. Not Going To Happen. And I’m not being negative. Remember the 95% of cryptocurrency trader’s losing their shirts and pocket change? Don’t be another one of the herd, Be Wise. You are in the right space and at the right time, so don’t be a dummy about your money.

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Cryptocurrency trading is going to be around for a long time, and if you want to be a big part of it, change the way you think. Start thinking long-term, and quit that short-term “Get Rich Quick” shit. That mindset will keep you poor, right until they close the lid down on your casket.

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