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Sandi Baker An Artist Who’s Work Inspires

From very humble beginnings painting pin stripes on Hot Rods to selling her art around the world. Sandi Baker shows through her works of art that life is a journey and perfection is a winning trait of hard work. When I first laid eyes on Sandi’s art work while perusing the internet immediately I was inspired. I asked myself “what is it?, What is drawing me into these images?” It was as if the animals were alive and speaking through each piece of artwork. I especially loved the Japanese koi art pieces.

I remembered having this hypnotic feeling only once before while observing artwork. It was first time I saw the works of world renowned artist and sculptor Steve Tobin. He and I later became friends and had an adventure or two together, but I’ll save that for another time. Right now it’s all about Sandi Baker and how her story will inspire you. So come with me on this question and answer journey with Sandi. Let’s learn how Sandi and her works of art became such the inspiration it is today.

Michaelson: Sandi tell us about your background?

Sandi: I have always been fascinated with artistic expression, even as a small child. It is something that has led me down some strange roads in life. Testing how people react to different ideas, visual cues and such has gotten me into trouble more than once. I had a father that taught me a myriad of skills, welding, building, masonry, using power tools and even machinery in his various furniture factories at a very young age.

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Growing up in rural North Carolina in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, my family were of comparatively limited means and knew how to do almost everything for themselves. This level of self reliance molded me into someone who loves challenges and constantly experiments with boundaries. I left home at 16 and did a lot of freelance art work like designing tattoos, painting murals on cars, leather jackets, signs and the like between factory jobs.

I was a finisher in the furniture factories that my hometown was once famous for. A finisher is someone who sprays the color and lacquer finish on the wooden parts of furniture. I enjoyed mixing color and coming up with new looks for lines, and of course playing with those epic spray guns!…



Sandi Baker White Tiger Artwork Luxury Art
Sandi Baker Luxury Artwork White Tiger 2

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