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Jan 2007 Concept Creation
MMAPgoals Concept Creator
Michaelson Williams editor-n-chief MMAP Magazine

Michaelson Williams is the creator of MMAPgoals and A-COIN TOKEN or (ACT). The idea of creating a place where people can assure their success has been a lifelong goal of his. This cryptocurrency and goal-achievement project pushes to solve a problem that plague many Americans, as well as people around the globe. How do people accomplish their set-goals when there is a 92% chance that they will fail?

Nov 2010 Concept Testing
C4G Project Testing
Cash4Goals Logo

The MMAPgoals project concept started back in 2007. We tested the idea in 2010, but needed more data to bring the full concept to market. After seeing how many people were failing at their set-goals, we understood the importance of moving the project forward. Now here in 2020 we are pushing to bring MMAPgoals and the cryptocurrency that drives this project to the public.

Aug 2018 Masters of Data
MMAPgoals Survey's
MMAPgoals Survey

We've created several data capturing surveys that helped us to gain the information needed to create the most successful user experience. From the beginning Michaelson has been researching and authoring books on success in order to bring to market a definitive solution.

Sept 25, 2020 ACT Cryptocurrency Was Born
A-COIN TOKEN Cryptocurrency Logo

(ACT) is a way for people who are looking to level the playing field between the haves and have nots, through successful personal goal achievement. ACT was created to give people the power of success through the achievement of their set-goals. ACT is the cryptocurrency fuel that drives successful goal-achievement. 

Nov 1, 2020 Phase One Token Sale
A-COIN TOKEN Private Sale
A-COIN TOKEN Cryptocurrency Logo

The A-COIN TOKEN (ACT) is now offered in our Private Sale and will move to the Pre-Sale phase in early 2021. Read White-paper for details on this phase of the discounted ACT token sale.

Dec 1, 2020 Bounty Program
ACT Token Bounty Program

Bounty Program Starts 12/1/2020  The bounty program is up and running at this time. Participants will be able to check spreadsheets to track their bounties. Bounty programs are not open to anyone living in the United States. See why in the bounty section of the whitepaper.

Jan 10, 2021 Smart Contract
A-COIN TOKEN Smart Contract
A-COIN TOKEN Smart Contract

Create Smart Contract for A-COIN TOKEN - January the smart contract is complete. We are in the build stage of the Smart Contract for the A-COIN TOKEN. All the I's must be dotted and T's crossed for this project.

Mar 2021 or TBA Phase Two Token Sale
A-COIN TOKEN Cryptocurrency Logo

The Pre-Sale announcement happens once the Private Sale phase is complete. The pre-sale let's the public in on the ACT for the first time. This is likely going to happen in the first quarter of 2021.Right now we are currently in the Pre ICO phase of building out the A-Coin Token Project. Support the A-Coin Token project down below by becoming a booster of early backer.

Jun 2021 Main Token Sale
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Main Sale Phase 1 or 5 - Following the Pre-Sale of ACT token which is the limited public offering, is the Main Sale. This is when the ACT token offering is open to everyone and will move through  five phases of discounts as we progress to the close of the token sale. Most likely this phase will begin in the second quarter and will end in the third or forth quarter of 2021.

Jan 2021 Test Website
MMAPgoals Github Website
MMAPgoals Project Logo

Build and Launch MMAPgoals Social Platform - January - March a limited user test platform creation on Github. This is where we are running and funning around with the look and feel of the goal-achievement platform. Once we are ready to show samples we'll be sending out the link. 

July 2021 Official Website On-boarding
MMAPgoals Live Website
MMAPgoals On-boarding Process

On-boarding First Users - November 2021 the first on-boarding of users on the main MMAPgoals official website occurs.

March 2022 Mobil Apps
MMAPgoals Supporting Apps
MMAPgoals App Development

Develop Supporting Goal Achievement Apps in 2022. The supporting apps for goal-achievement success is in the works. We are currently working on the development of apps that engage with the mind in ways that supports growth, and definite success. These apps will be tested and rolled to the MMAPgoals users and public by March 2022.

Beyond 2022 Vision

Creating a social platform that allows users to easily step from one goal achievement to the next, effortlessly. Users trade their goal-setting and goal-achievements for A-COIN TOKEN's (ACT) while following mentors closest to their level of success. Each time a user trades or receives (ACT) tokens for their successes, A-Coin Token value increases, raising the value of all achievements on the platform. Goal achievement success is now a positive chain reACTion that stimulates entire economies. A-COIN TOKEN and MMAPgoals, a digital currency goal-achievement solution for the future, today.

Man trading ACT Tokens on his Phone

"The Future Is Already Here - It's Just Not Evenly Distributed Yet."

Economist William Gibson


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Bounty Program Starting Soon!

Our bounty program is open to everyone, and we welcome everyone into our community, but as per our United States attorney's advise, unfortunately US citizens cannot take part in the bounty program. If you are indeed a citizen of the United States, please do not join A-COIN TOKEN (ACT) public bounty program. Of course you may still buy Pre ICO and ICO A-Coin Token ACT as a citizen of the United States. Thank You!




Enjoy 100 Times Your Investment Contributions

Right Out Of The Gate!

So why are we running a crowdfunding pre ICO Initial Coin Offering before the ICO?

Well for starters it is extremely difficult and costly to launch a cryptocurrency securely. Launching an ICO takes a vast knowledge and experience team of professionals. There are numerous regulations and safety measures to consider along with many man hours which can take an army to perform. It took Michaelson months to find the right company that he felt was up to the task. While in the process of vetting company’s for the launch of A-COIN TOKEN one stood out above the rest, Blockchain App Factory, out of India. After many hours and days of conversations with BAF Michaelson had the confidence that this was the company to trust with his crypto project.
A-Coin Token Cryptocurrency crowdfunding

Why use crowdfunding as a means of raising capital?

Capital had to be raised to start the process of building a cryptocurrency that serves the people, so naturally Michaelson felt the people should be involved in the process. What better way to make the A-COIN TOKEN a community project than with a crowdfunding beginning. Plus this gave us the opportunity to offer tokens at an even greater discount than the public ICO. Not only would tokens cost a mere $0.01 but early boosters would receive 100 times their investment in the pre sale. This meant that 100 token cost just $0.01 for a extremely limited time or until project funding was met. Additionally early participants could earn a commission for boosting the project on social media. Lastly this created an awesome opportunity to giveaway some free A-COIN TOKEN gear to the community for helping to get such an incredible project off the ground.
A-Coin Token Cryptocurrency crowdfunding 2

How much are we looking to raise during the A-COIN TOKEN booster pre ICO sale?

We must raise $30,000 to get the project off the ground and running. The entire project will have a cost of around $104,000 as a standard package for what BAF will be performing to launch the token. This amount increases if we decide to put A-COIN TOKEN on the cryptocurrency exchange as a full coin, like Bitcoin. $30,000 will afford us three months on the project, which is more than enough time to start the public ICO to fund us the rest of the way. The number of tokens offered during the Pre ICO project boost is 3,000,000 at a price of $0.01 per 100 tokens. The maximum number of tokens offered during this time is 10,000,000 at a price of $0.01 per 100 tokens. The A-COIN TOKEN opportunity will close without warning as we do not want to over sell at this extremely low offering.

Blockchain App Factory Initial Coin Offering Services

Blockchain App Factory for A-Coin Token

What is the ultimate goal of A-COIN TOKEN and MMAPgoals?

You will find our full plan for the A-COIN TOKEN and social platform MMAPgoals in the whitepaper. In short, the goal is to create a system in which goal-achievement is traded much like commodities on the stock market but on a social platform on the internet. The psychology is that when more people reach their set-goals society lifts as a whole. A-COIN TOKEN will allow people to be more motivated towards successful outcomes. Plus our cryptocurrency will allow for the potential that people are able to create more wealth faster. This gives people the ability to use their success to build back locally, ultimately putting the power back in the hands of the people. Where It Should Be. Our token has unlimited potential as it is solely connected to the personal success of the human-being.
Please read whitepaper and terms & conditions before making your investment contribution in A-COIN TOKEN.
A-COIN TOKEN Free Gear Supporter Levels
A-Coin Token white mug free for early contributors

Level 1 Gladiator with A-Coin Shield Mug

Now we know receiving a mug isn't as awesome as getting 100 times your contribution in token, but we're doing it anyway! When you make a contribution of $250 in order to receive 25,000 in A-Coin Token's we'll send you a mug. This mug to us stands for much more than just something to drink coffee from in the mornings. This mug represents power of finance and control over your goal-achievement success. This mug for us means protection and shielding from those who wish to keep you in poverty. The A-Coin Token logo was created to let you know that we stand behind the shield, while standing in front of you. >>>>> Once your contribution is confirmed we'll be reaching out via email about your mug or other gifts.

Level 2 Gladiator with A-Coin Shield Tee

The A-Coin Token Gladiator with coin shield comes in many colors. Choose the color that fits you best, and that supports your goal achievement energy. When you make a contribution of $500 to receive 50,000 A-Coin Token (ACT) we'll send you your favorite color T-shirt. Whatever size tee you need we'll have it delivered to your door in no time at all. As a bonus you'll be receiving 100x your investment contribution with the 50,000 tokens you ordered. A-Coin Token (ACT) was created to drive your successful goal achievement. Use your free A-Coin Token t-shirt as a constant reminder that success is now within your grasp. >>>>> Once your contribution is confirmed we'll be reaching out via email about your tee.

A-Coin Token Tee Shirt
A-Coin Token Ball Cap gift

Level 3 Embroidered ball cap, Gladiator t-shirt, and coffee mug.

At this level you'll receive the A-Coin Token logo embroidered ball cap in your choice of colors. One size fits all with this caps adjustable back strap. You also get the level 1 and 2 gift items with your investment contribution. When you make a contribution of $1,000 to receive 100,000 A-Coin Token (ACT) we'll send out your mug, hat, and t-shirt. Be proud to support the cryptocurrency that drives successful goal achievement. >>>>> Once your contribution is confirmed we'll be reaching out via email about your mug, tee, and hat. Remember A-Coin Token (ACT) is being offered at this special crowdfunding price for a very limited time. Don't wait!

Level 4 A-Coin Token Duffel Bag, and gifts from all three lower levels.

The A-Coin Token canvas duffel bag represents protection of your assets, especially your cryptocurrency. The bag is covered with hundreds A-Coin Tokens, with the small gladiator logo almost hidden in the design. In the silhouette and at the flanks is our gladiator with ACT shield protecting your digital currency. At this investment contribution level you receive the bag plus gifts from levels 3, 2, and 1. You get all these gifts plus our incredible A-Coin Token pre ICO discount when you support the project with a 250,000 token buy. >>>>> Once your contribution is confirmed we'll be reaching out via email about your mug, tee, hat, and duffel bag.

A-Coin Duffel Bag

Gold and Silver Contributor Levels Receive Additional Tokens and One Custom A-Coin Token Logo Cladded Item.

MMAPgoals Survey


This survey will get you started with building a True Success goal-achievement mindset.

Do you set mental goals?

Do you think of goal-setting as positive and helpful to your success?

Do you set goals which you believe are within your reach?

How often do you write your goals down on paper?

If you do write your goals down, how often do you review your written goals?

Do you include family or other people in your goal-setting process?

Do you feel extra pressure or anxiety when setting your goals?

If there was a guaranteed means for you to accomplish every goal would you take full advantage of it?

How often are your goals centered around an increase in money?

Are you male or female?

From this list of top 20 goals for 2020 choose your top three.

Please separate your top three choices with a comma. You can choose more, but only your top three answers are used for this survey. Top 20 goals for 2020: (1) Get finances in order, (2) Get out of debt, (3) Learn something new, (4) Get more organized, (5) Buy a new home, (6) Exercise more, (7) Spend more time with friends and family, (8) Travel more, (9) Do something nice for myself, (10) Learn a new skill, (11) Buy a new car, (12) Lose weight, (13) Volunteer more often, (14) Disconnect from technology, (15) Remodel my home, (16) Quit my vices, (17) Redecorate my home, (18) Cook more frequently, (19) Organize closet, (20) Bring a pet into the family

Created with Perfect Survey

Statistics - View the results


Here you can share some good karma by supporting the A-Coin Token project via a crypto donation, or buy Pre ICO A-Coin Token's with Bitcon and other atl-coins. If you are buying pre ICO send an email to info@mmapmagazine.com so we can connect on telegram or by phone. Thanks for your support!



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