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Cryptocurrency is the future, right now!

This Whitepaper provides a first description of the A-COIN TOKEN (ACT) cryptocurrency supporting the MMAPgoals platform, and how it is used to facilitate a positive goal-achievement users experience. This document will explain the vast discrepancy between goal-setting and goal-achievement, and how (ACT) is used to close this gap. In addition, an economic growth, and psychological explanation is given for why (ACT) cryptocurrency and the platform for which it runs (MMAPgoals) is the best goal-achievement tool for now and into the future. 

Learn more about the A-Coin Token Cryptocurrency, and MMAPgoals project when you read the full whitepaper.

MMAP Learning Center Mind Mastering Activation Program

mind mastering activation program

Mind Mastering Activation Program presented by the MMAP Learning Center. Tested over several years with great success the MMAP’s curriculum is ready is ready to go. All that’s left is funding to launch the MMAP Learning Center coursework site. We are ready to begin cultivating the True Success Mindsets all around the world. Donor’s of this project will enjoy sharing in five levels of rewards, sharing 70% of profits. CFCR (Crowd Funded, Crowd Rewarded) Donor space is limited as there is only a few spots with each level of donation.

To get on the CFCR Community Members list for this project hit the donation button. Make Your Donation And Start Getting Rewarded. This is a very limited CFCR Crowd Funded Crowd Rewarded offering. 
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brand building

This brand building expedition lets you be a profit sharing partner on products that help people reach their FloState. Creating longterm wealth has a great deal to do with whether your mind can reach a state of flow. FloState Design is a brand of clothing and other products that help cultivate the Flow State. We are all a product of our environment. This means whatever we put in that environment makes us who we are. Why not surround that space with positivity? That’s exactly what FloState Design does.

We design for ourselves and others looking to spread positive energy to the world. Our designs cover a wide array of brands and products from clothing, jewelry, home goods, etc. We design the good feelings in your life. 
Make your mental environment cleaner and full of positivity. Enjoy sharing the profits of a company that believes in a healthy mental state of being. FloState Design creates through design the room to induce positive mindset. Don’t miss the perfect opportunity to boost yourself both mentally and financially.
MMAP Email Marketing Partnership program

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A Unique Opportunity To Give Back In 2020 and beyond. MMAP Magazine is offering you the opportunity to give back to your email list, and followers. How you might ask? Well let me tell you… We are giving you the opportunity to deliver MMAP Magazine directly to your email list, Complete Free.
Why should this matter to you? Because in return for your good deed a spot will be open for you to join the CFCR Community. You’ll be making available through MMAP Magazine opportunities of financial gain for others. That should make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside by itself.


MMAP Crypto is looking out for your future, so you don’t have too. We are mapping True Success through digital cryptocurrency trading. The money of the tomorrow is here today, and it will not wait for you to catch up. The time is now to start moving away from the greenbacks and into digital currency. MMAP Crypto realizes that everyone may have a head start on you with digital currency. But we are here to make getting a foothold on your digital money investing simple and easy. 

It’s as simple as becoming a MMAP Community Member, and as easy as choosing a donation level that fits your budget. As a member you’ll share in 70% of the profits in MMAP Crypto for the rest or your life. See terms of service before you make your donation/s to any MMAP project. 

MMAP Magazine Article:
Cryptocurrency The Way I See It…
Cryptocurrency is a mystery to most people, that I know. What about you? I also get the feeling that even the “so called experts” don’t completely understand crypto. So I began to dig in a little deeper to find out what’s all the hubbub. I wanted to know more because it seemed to me that the whole story is not told. If I was going to sell the idea of MMAP Crypto to the masses I had to know much more. So I dug even deeper. To my surprise Cryptocurrency isn’t as complicated as you’d think.
We’ve all heard the stories of some guy somewhere that made billions from Bitcoin. Well “that guy” is actually a few people. At the top of the crypto billionaires list are names like Nakamoto, Chris Larsen, Joseph Lubin, Changpeng Zhao or “CZ”, and the list goes on. The names of people who made millions and billions from crypto is long, but I noticed something. Something that would prove to be very important. I’ll get to that a little later in this article…
MMAP Crypto currency on black keyboard
MMAP Properties Logo Dubai 1750


The MMAP Properties Project invest in Dubai real estate from donation funded MMAP Community members. How It Works in short is when MMAP Community members make donations to this project they share in the profits. 80% of the profits to be exact. Choose your donation level, and become a profit sharing member of 45%, 16%, 10%, 5%, 3%, or 1%. Your small donation today will give back to you for many years to come.

Why are we going into Dubai for real estate investments? Read this article and watch the video to be enlightened.

MMAP Magazine Article:
Is Dubai and UAE Trying To Tell Us Something About The Future…
Is Dubai trying to tell the rest of the world something important about the future? It could be so, and while it looks good on the surface there may be some disconcerting hints hiding beneath. Are there signs we should be looking for that will give us insight into the future of living on this planet. Will increased separation between the “haves” and “have nots” reveal itself in Utopia style city’s?
Now don’t get me wrong here, Dubai and UAE are an amazing places. The amount of growth and construction is second to none in the world. The cities are beautiful, futuristic, and look as friendly as they are beautiful. These new high tech city’s are catering to people all around the world, with its vast layout of living spaces. There seems to be no signs of slowing as new construction projects start on what appears to be a daily bases.
Any logical person looking at Dubai and the UAE as a place to raise a family or to invest is thinking smart. There is something in these locations for every kind of human mindset…


Downtown Dubai Apartment View

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