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MMAP Magazine is a Mind Mastering Activation Process publication that promotes a healthy, powerful, and positive decision making mind, geared toward “True Success”. MMAP Magazine is the magazine for “True Success Seeker’s” looking to increase themselves, and their money. Now that you’ve found the MMAP, let us be your guide to achieving more. CFCR (Crowd Funded, Crowd Rewarded) is our solution to your True Success. How It Works! We bring ideas to you that will secure you and your family’s future success. MMAP magazine is full of useful content and easy in investment opportunities. Taking action will make your 2020 and beyond something to look forward too. 

READ about the new GIBC Token coin based “True Success” opportunity that puts the power of wealth in your hands. This coin levels the playing field between you and the ultra wealthy. The White Paper on this project will be released in late 2020 to early 2021. This will be followed by a private ICO and then a first tier public ICO or Initial Coin Offering. If you aren’t investing in cryptocurrency your future isn’t going to be bright. Crypto is the future of many if not all investment opportunities. Paper money will be going away either in part or complete and digital money will be the way of the world. All the signs point to this massive currency transformation. So Don’t Get Left Behind! 

From The Editor HEY, I’M TALKING TO YOU!IT’S TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE!Your life should be more fun!Your life should be full of grater abundance!Your life should be better than it is now.There is a shift happening right now, and you’re either going to be a part of it or you’re going to be left behind. I’ve created this platform of True Success for you to take full advantage of, anytime you want. Why Not Right Now?So what are you going to do? YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON. YOU CAN FEEL IT! You can tell something is moving you to do something, to take action in your life. MMAP Magazine is the key to unlocking your greatest potential, but no one can make you take the proper steps, but you. You’re here, and made it this far so that’s a start, but it’s not enough. Keep moving forward, keep reading, and keep following the path that you’re on right now.”TRUE SUCCESS” is knocking, will you answer?