Satisfaction Guaranteed

Any donor who makes an online contribution at and is not satisfied with their giving experience may get a refund of their donation in the form of a MMAP Magazine gift certificate equal to the value of the original donation, up to $10,000 per donor per year, less taxes. We pay taxes on every donation revived even thought it’s governmental theft.

Terms and Conditions

The Guarantee can be activated at any time within a year after the original donation has been made by contacting MMAP Magazine. Anyone making an online donation can take advantage of the Guarantee. However, employees and their immediate families, MMAP Magazine Board members, Project Leaders, staff of project organizations, board members of those organizations and the family members of these persons are not eligible.

Why a Voucher vs. Cash Back?

For legal reasons, MMAP Magazine must award a voucher, instead of cash back, to any donor invoking the guarantee. Here’s why: As stated above MMAP Magazine pays taxes from every donation to all projects. We are not a 501(c)3 organization therefore we have not tax exemption status currently. This also means that as a donor you will not be able to claim the benefit of a tax deduction. We felt it would be better is our donors received lifetime profit sharing opportunities rather than tax donor exemption. We know you will agree.

Further, once a donor has claimed tax deductibility, “reversing” it is problematic, particularly if the donation is made in one year and the guarantee is called in the following year. For these reasons, we are issuing a voucher equal to the amount of the original donation less taxes.

We will continue to monitor these laws and regulations with a view toward making MMAP Magazine and CFCR Community Guaranteed the most comprehensive possible.

Project Accountability

The projects on MMAP Magazine go through a due diligence process for each project, satisfy IRS guidelines for international grant-making and tax deductibility, and follow Treasury Department guidelines for anti-terrorism.

If you have questions about MMAP Magazine Guaranteed, pleaseĀ contact us.