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The Simplest Investment You’ll Ever Make Toward Your Future.

Finally an investment opportunity where everyone can win at every level. No this is not a multilevel marketing scheme. What this is, is genius. Okay, lets explore a little deeper into this out of the box investment thinking. The “MMAP Community” is a unique brand of investing in your future by donating and sharing in the profits on multiple levels.

Mr. Williams the creator of the MMAP Community program says “I had to create an investment opportunity that would give back without worry.”

He goes on to say that “donating to business projects is nothing new, but becoming an actual partner and receiving a piece of the pie like this, is.” He continued “Most people who make charitable donations have an understanding they will write it off at the end of the year. That’s the return, or there may be a t-shirt or tech gadget received for helping to fund a project. However, I feel that the best way to say thank you to a person who helps a startup or existing company is to allow the donator to have a piece of the pie too.”

No flashy bells and whistles or spotlights blinding you from the truth.

Well that sounded all well and good, but I needed to know exactly how this opportunity works? After just a few seconds of explanation I understood completely. It was as simple and easy as tying your shoes. No flashy bells and whistles or spotlights blinding you from the truth. The truth is, when you make a donation of a certain level you share in the profits of the project in which you’ve donated. Once the company pays it operational obligation the profit is then divided among the people who donated. The way your MMAP Community monetary return is calculated is by looking at the level in which you donated. Each level of donation corresponds with a percent of return.

In addition because the donations are essentially gifts of sorts the donation is still just like any other donation, kick-starter of crowd-funding. There are a few other simple details to be noted before making your donations. Those looking at the long game will be happy to know that tribe donation levels can be jumped, and multiple projects can be donated to by a single tribe member…


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