Killing The Giants: How The People Crushed Big Tech

Together We Are STRONG! Michaelson Williams Editor-n-Chief at MMAP Magazine, and author of True Success Naturally creates practical action steps, which if followed by the Collective People, BIG TECH is brought to its knees.

Killing The Giants Users Guide

What's in "Killing The Giants: How The People Crushed Big Tech"?

1.  Real World Action Steps.

This isn't another wishful thinking book with no real solutions to the problems of Big Tech control. Here you'll find a plan of action that yields positive results for everyone.

2.  Complete Schedules and Plans For Coming Together As One Powerful Force.

Each action is planned out for ultimate success from the masses through collective shifts and movements in our favor. The time of Big Tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc ruling over The People is coming to an end.

3.  Detailed Breakdown Of The Problem At Hand With Big Tech Control.

Every problem and element of social control currently in place is explained in detail, for anyone to recognize. This book will help you discover how Governments and Big Tech companies plan to control your every move now, and into the future. Audible Article: Is AI Being Used To Change Your Thinking and Behavior Through FEAR?

4.  Predictive Positive Outcomes From The People's Collective Actions.

All benefits of taking definite action against Big Tech and Others moving against freedom is laid out for a successful outcome. Big Tech and Government wishes you to say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing, but no more will The People stand for this socially induced mental bondage.

5.  Problem, Action, Solution.

Killing The Giants' solutions span across all means of thinking, brainwashing, and social controls by Government and Big Tech. This book aims to put the power back into The People's hands, by showing you that there is a reality distortion program running in the background of your mind.

"Truth is Truth
Picking and choosing what you want to believe doesn't make real truth false,
even if you slumber in the bed of a lie."

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"Killing The Giants" reaches much further than just the development of a book. It's about helping to build the collective confidence of The People.


It's time that The People stand together and not against one another. If The People are to be free from all tyranny we must come together as one united force.

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Bitcoin Cash

Cryptocurrency is a powerful for The People to take back control. However, if we are not careful the Big Banks etc. will backdoor the blockchain to keep the status quo.


Each of these element sets a new precedent for the way THE PEOPLE interact with our governments, big tech, one another, and most importantly ourselves.

These Elements Below Represent A New Way Towards A Future Created And Controlled By THE PEOPLE


Mind Mastering Application Process, because your mind is the journey. Control your mind or someone else will control it for you.


Managing your own finances is power. To let someone else do it for you is weakness. Cryptocurrency levels the playing field.


The final word in voting is The People. Gone are the days of lifer politicians, who have forgotten they work for Us.


Without real unity we don't stand a chance against "The Powers That Be". Mass collective meditation cost nothing, but moves mountains.


What you see and wear controls your emotions. This is why attacks on the collective mindset by big tech are many times through visual stimulation.


Share only the very best of yourself to as many people as possible. Negative energy is bad Karma, and you don't want that in return.


Because at this point do we have any other choice?

The BIG TECH Problem Belongs To THE PEOPLE Now

From The Author:

"Killing The Giants: How The People Crushed Big Tech" isn't about the complete obliteration of companies and social platforms people use for entertainment. But it is about putting a halt on the outright tyranny and manipulation of people's minds for control and financial gain. This book will outline the Problem, lay out Action steps for success, and overview the Solutions. It's fairly simple to rein in tyrannical CEOs, Big Tech companies, and even an overreaching government, but it takes something that a mind manipulated people will find difficult to do. Taking REAL Action...

I've been studying the negative social conditioning by governments working with media and big tech companies for decades now. Thus my solutions are well researched. The Government and Big Tech companies have been using educated but useful idiots, to facilitate the general publics compliance conditioning. I will explain in-depth how this conditioning affects your everyday life. This book expands outward into a much larger project to heal a world built for an elite few. Killing The Giants is a playbook, not a useless book to read for entertainment purposes. It's Time For ACTION!

Michaelson Williams

Michaelson Williams
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