Is Dubai and UAE Trying To Tell Us Something About The Future…

Is Dubai and UAE Trying To Tell Us Something About The Future…

Dubai city downtown view
Is Dubai trying to tell the rest of the world something important about the future? It could be so, and while it looks good on the surface there may be some disconcerting hints hiding beneath. Are there signs we should be looking for that will give us insight into the future of living on this planet. Will increased separation between the “haves” and “have nots” reveal itself in Utopia style city’s?
Now don’t get me wrong here, Dubai and UAE are an amazing places. The amount of growth and construction is second to none in the world. The cities are beautiful, futuristic, and look as friendly as they are beautiful. These new high tech city’s are catering to people all around the world, with its vast layout of living spaces. There seems to be no signs of slowing as new construction projects start on what appears to be a daily bases.
Any logical person looking at Dubai and the UAE as a place to raise a family or to invest is thinking smart. There is something in these locations for every kind of human mindset. Want to live in a high-rise apartment? If you search through Dubai’s property finder you will have no problem perusing for weeks. Searches revealed on particular websites over 28,000 rentable apartments in Dubai alone. That’s not to mention the over 20,000 purchasable apartment available. Apartments on the mainland, on islands; they’re everywhere, and they are gorgeous.
Dubai allows people choose exactly what type of living arrangements suit them. But it’s not cheat! The property finder website that I used for research had a listing for 874 sqft priced at 130,000 AED/year. 130,000 AED the currency of Dubai is equal to $35,398,23 US. That’s about $40.50 per square foot to live in a apartment in downtown Dubai. Something tells me that apartment prices won’t be this low for long as property demands grow.
The apartments of Dubai and the UAE are a good entry point for living in such a luxurious place. The housing markets entry levels are a bit higher. The average cookie-cutter in suburbia America doesn’t look like this. Although the Dubai markets are down by $10,000 in June of last year, houses were averaging around $670,000 at the time. If home, villa, and apartment prices continue to decline wise investor’s will make a killing, in the future. I’ll get to how I know this, shortly. Well I shouldn’t say “know” as this is still a hunch of mine.
Traditionally, rapid real estate declines means bad news, and I would agree with this idea. Except, Dubai and the UAE are still building like theres no tomorrow. Why? Is there something coming that will drive prices up in these locations of the world. Will Dubai and the UAE be exempt from negative world events, because of its location. The amount of investment money floating about these areas is staggering. There has been hundreds of billions invested in Dubai in 2019 alone. This is a very good sign of future expectations by investor’s worldwide.
Here’s my thoughts on where Dubai and UAE is going for those who are investing there, and why. Although right now it looks like Dubai is tanking, it’s not likely to continue in that direction for long. There is to much investing happening in Dubai by very powerful people and company’s. Those who are a part of trillions of dollars in investment capital in Dubai and UAE would rather die than lose. This is an important concept as we continue broach this subject.
I’m not one for fear mongering and negativity, but I do watch world trends. The trend for years now is that the “elite” are making moves that don’t include a very large part of the population. “They” the elite have been acting as preppers in their own right, by purchasing safe-havens. Dubai and the UAE seems to be prime real estate where “elites” are migrating toward. If “They” are investing in Dubai than we should be too.
Wise investor’s realize the importance of where they put their money, as the landscape changes around the world. With the world stage changing it’s time to look at alternatives in living. Keep this in mind, walls built to keep people out keep people in too.
If I’m correct Dubai and the UAE are going to experience a huge boom after this down bubble. Those who want to make their family’s feel safe and have the finances will be looking at Dubai for a safe havens. Property value will be through the roof, but money will be of no consequence. The need for Dubai and UAE properties and this kind of safe, luxury, and community will be paramount.
Investor’s who move now to set themselves up for this boom town scenario will live like kings. Those realize the shear the allure of Dubai and UAE should consider their options now. This is the perfect time to invest for those who understand the dynamics of urgency demand. When people feel the need to make rapid change money is no object. Real Estate will turn in Dubai and the UAE and it’s going to occur fast.
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