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How To Build A “True Success” Mindset In 21 Days

21 Days Of Mindset Explorations

Stop refusing to move away from old paradigms of thinking by holding on to outdated information you do not truly understand. Without looking for new information about life and the life journey the mind will act as a prison. In this mind-made prison you are both the prisoner and holder of the key. As the gatekeeper you have complete power to place the prisoner in solitary confinement. This is done by not offering new enlightening information to your own base of knowledge. On the other hand you also have the complete power to set the prisoner free.

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If you set your mind free through offerings of new helpful and constructive data both rewards of creativity are abound. Without doing so could mean life imprisonment which does not allow True Success to occur. True Success needs the blossoming of entirely new waves of thought which examine current beliefs that are completely based on social conditioning. Not all of this social conditioning can or should be viewed as positive helpful information.

Instead adopt the mindset of an explorer seeking new information that will challenge the mind. If the road is too easy someone most likely has already walked it. We learn the most about ourselves when we are challenged by things outside our norms. Make a game of attaining new information about whatever interest you. If you come across something which does not interest you run down this path as quickly as possible. This is the path that will likely bring the greatest amount of enlightenment to your life.

Use the 21 day new habit forming principle to gain new knowledge outside of your normal information gathering day. Each day for the next 21 days seek to expand knowledge about one item you didn’t know before you woke this morning. As you interact with this new practice there is bound to be aspects of which you don’t understand or plain old do not agree with out right. Use this idea to explore the new information opportunities. Gathering information which is completely new to you will allow for a broadening of mind. This broadening of mind and increase in knowledge will likely help in the communication with people you would normally not interact. Information transferred into communication is a wonderful tool for opening doors of opportunity. It’s that simple.

Future Fortune Through Early Deal Making

Another important tool I can teach you which you will need to learn in this book is to make business deals though written contracts now rather than later on the success journey. You do not have to be a big businessmen, entrepreneur, or high level salesman in order to make a deal. You do not have to have a bank loan, a million bucks, or friends in high places to make a business deal. You do not have to have a college degree, a business degree, a certificate, or a license of a particular kind to make a business deal.

If you have a skill, an idea, or something to barter, whether it is your own time or an item, practice making business deals. The art of making business deals will help you tremendously on your quest for success. At some point you are going to have to make business deals anyway if you are going to be successful. Therefore the deal-making process should be practice before you become successful.

I recommend to the person who is on their journey and looking for success in life, create five deals per year. This means during a one year period of time there should be at least five deals which are contractually binding in your file cabinet or in a notebook somewhere in your possession.

This does not mean every deal you make has to be with someone else. The reason you should work on five deals per year is because I have found that five deals keeps a good amount of positive pressure on your deal creativity. You may end up doing less than five deals in one year but be sure to focus on accomplishing five complete deals.

We can make creative deals which are binding with ourselves. Here’s an example: go online and find a general contractors, specialist or sales contract. You can find these anywhere just by typing contract agreement into an internet search engine.

“Gallant measures lead to many shaky bridges which need to be crossed, if only to demonstrate successes on the other side are worth overcoming the fears.”

If you cannot find it or you do not have a printer to print a contract out then go to the library and have them print one out for you. Contract copies will cost between $ .07 cents and $.25 a page (if you cannot do this write a simple contract by hand). Take the contract you had copied and establish a deal with yourself. Don’t miss a step.

When you’re setting up this deal there should be no shortcuts in how you set up the deal just because it’s with yourself. So if you are saying your creative talent is writing poetry set up a contract between you and yourself to create three pieces of poetry each month for the next year.

Whatever you think your niche, specialty, or your gift is, set up a contract agreement which has time constraints, deliverables, quality assurance etc. in a binding contract. Most banks will notarize contract agreements free of charge and you should go this far when setting up the contract agreements.

Go into your local bank to sit down with the notary and have them notarize the contract as a binding agreement. The notary does not have to know the agreement is between just you and no other person. This is how you set up an easy contract and learn what it is to negotiate contract terms in a simple manner as a beginner…



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