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How Should You Start Your Day to Prepare for a Great Workout Experience?

When you first wake up, before you get out of bed or your feet touch the floor, smile and say to yourself “I’m going to have an awesome workout today.” Just starting out like this can change your whole demeanor about your upcoming workout. A lot of times we don’t look forward to our upcoming daily workout and it becomes this thing we do not

want to deal with during our day. You have to change your mindset so your workout is something you look forward to each and every day. Your workout, no matter what the environment, has to be an enjoyable experience. That enjoyable experience comes from how you enter the pre-

requisite into your mind. If you start your day with “I really don’t want to exercise today,“ you are likely not to exercise for that day.

On the other hand, if you start your day with “I am excited about the workout that I’m going to have today,” you will get excited about that workout day.

Get your blood flowing once you get out of bed. It is very difficult to get excited about working out when your body is cold or not warmed up and ready to go to work. If you do not warm your body up to prepare it for the day to come it takes longer to generate positive energy to enjoy anything about the events of the new day. Therefore it is a good idea to, while you’re brushing your teeth or gathering your clothes for your day, that you do it with a little bit of excitement. It’s okay to dance around a little bit, you’ll just start smiling and that smile will create energy in your body and that energy will be positive energy. The more positive energy you can generate the better you will feel throughout the entire day — and that includes during the time you spend in exercise.

Getting out of bed and running in place for a couple of minutes and then getting down and doing a couple of push-ups and a few free squats will increase your energy output exponentially to start your day. This does not mean that you have to get out of bed into a full workout. All you want to do is raise your energy from your sleep phase into your wake phase. Many of us carry our sleep phase through our entire day and we never build up the energy to be positive about a workout or anything else. Subsequently, by getting up, getting out of bed performing a few exercise movements on a daily basis, it snaps your positive energy into action and that energy will only rise as the day goes on. This means that you will need less time in the workout space to warm your body because of the high energy level you carry to this space.



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  1. Glez

    I am currently thinking of best exercise that may work for me. But the type of job the I have makes me feel tired. One friend of mine told me to start up with planking and a lil walking or jog would do. Since we would have to maintain our body as healthy as possible.

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