How Donating To MMAP Projects Work

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We develop ourselves through creating profitable projects. How we choose our projects and partnerships is through a due diligence process. In some cases the process of product development has taken years, to insure a higher success rate. Only then is it presented as a viable community CFCR (Crowd Funded, Crowd Rewarded) venture. The development of the CFCR process has continued over several decades.

Your Part

Where you come in as a CFCR Community Member is via your project donations. Before a project is launch it’s funded to or beyond a set funding goal. Once we reach the funding goal the project becomes active and ready for business. It may sound like a long process, but sense the legwork is already completed launch takes no time at all.


Donation Levels

Donation levels were setup to allow our community members to choose where they want to start. Start small to get a feel of the entire CFCR process or Go For It to share in larger portions of the profits. Either way the amount of work you put into the MMAP project donation process is almost nothing. The donating process is as simple as filling out a short donation form. It’s Easy!
We’ve made the project donation process simple and intuitive.  Matter of fact, the entire process of selecting a MMAP project/s and donating to it takes only a few minutes, at most. Donating is something that feeds the human soul in itself, but we’ve created a way for it to feed your pockets as well. It’s all about helping people in the community who help make MMAP Projects successful.

What You Get! 

Well if you haven’t figured it out by now, which I’m sure you have. You Get A Piece Of The Profit Sharing Pie. For your generosity and kindness you share in the profits of successful business ventures and MMAP Projects. As the businesses grows so does your profit returns, no matter how small or large the donation. The best part is you share in these profits for life. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

What Happens After You Donate? 

It’s so simple! Once you’ve completed your project donation your information goes into a secure database. In this database we track your donation level and percentage of return based upon the initial GIVE. We keep track of how many times you’ve donated and to which projects you’ve donated. With this minimal amount of personal data we are able to return your share of the project profits to you.

That’s It!

From this point the rest is up to you. Don’t Wait to become a CFCR (Crowd Funded, Crowed Rewarded) Community Member. Most of our projects only have a limited (GIVE), meaning we only accept a certain number of donations. We focus on creating the most profit from each project. So, we regulate project donations for the greatest profitability. Again, Don’t Wait! Make Your Donation Today!
Thank You for becoming a CFCR Community Member, we know you’ll enjoy the journey.
MMAP Project Donation Value


CFCR (Crowd Funded, Crowd Rewarded)

MMAP Community Donation Opportunities Are Subject To Change At Any Time.

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