Cryptocurrency The Way I See It…

Cryptocurrency The Way I See It…

Cryptocurrency is a mystery to most people, that I know. What about you? I also get the feeling that even the “so called experts” don’t completely understand crypto. So I began to dig in a little deeper to find out what’s all the hubbub. I wanted to know more because it seemed to me that the whole story is not told. If I was going to sell the idea of MMAP Crypto to the masses I had to know much more. So I dug even deeper. To my surprise Cryptocurrency isn’t as complicated as you’d think.
So we’ve all heard the stories of some guy somewhere that made billions from Bitcoin. Well “that guy” is actually a few people. At the top of the crypto billionaires list are names like Nakamoto, Chris Larsen, Joseph Lubin, Changpeng Zhao or “CZ”, and the list goes on. The names of people who made millions and billions from crypto is long, but I noticed something. Something that would prove to be very important. I’ll get to that a little later in this article.
I have to say that these names of the top cryptocurrency investor’s meant very little to me. I never even heard of these guys until I started my research, and they damn sure didn’t know about me. So why are they even relevant to the story? These guy are relevant to the crypto story because they are pioneers of digital currency. These guys had the mindset to realize something was needed in the currency market. Something new, fresh, different, and they jumped on the opportunity.
Now that we’ve discussed the top digital currency winners what about the losers. How many people had actually lost at the game of investing in the digital money world. Let’s just say, a lot! A whole lot! According to Credit Karma, Americans lost $1.7 billion in 2018 — and had unrealized losses of more than $5 billion. But why? I wanted to know why so many people lose massive amounts of money in the digital currency market.
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Understanding the winners of digital currency trading means unearthing the loser’s position. I had to look beyond normal everyday reasons for losing at trading crypto. Reasons such as; greed, impatience, lack of product knowledge and so forth. Those things we all know create less wealth in most cases, not more. Remember, in most cases. There are tons of people who make huge sums of money from their greedy nature, but I digress.
The real reason people lose so much money trading digital currency is because they trade themselves. They trade their emotion, time, money, and they do it alone. There is no disconnect from the emotional source of winning and losing so we make bad decisions. Remember earlier when I mentioned that I noticed something about the winners of crypto that would be important? Well here it is!
The big winners of cryptocurrency trading invested large sums of money. When you trade big you win or lose big. You’ve heard the old expression “it takes money to make money”. Well when the big boys are trading their big money is making huge returns. You can’t do this with pocket change. The trading experience becomes emotional, and there’s no fun in that. When the experience starts feeling negative you begin making bad money moves.
Solution, because why bring up a problem if you don’t have a solution to fix it. Right? So the solution is to change the game by changing the emotional attachment to the game. That’s where MMAP Crypto comes in to play. MMAP Crypto allows you to donate to a crypto donation fund. The emotion attachment goes away completely because it’s a gift, and no one expects to get a gift back.
Your money/donation works with others like you. Thus, your crypto trading power increases by the number of donor’s also donating. The more donations to the crypto fund the more powerful the fund becomes. Unlike a gift, the crypto fund actually pays you back according to the level in which you donate funds. With no emotion involved the trading then happens through watching the data. Trading becomes more like a money machine that only spends time making more money.
I can’t give everything away here, but you’ll be able to relax, sit back and let the shared returns, return to you. Trading by funding crypto through a donation takes away all the stress. You don’t expect to get anything back but the trading fund only goal is to make sure that you get a increased return. Every MMAP Crypto trade is managed by experience trading partners. So no matter how you look at is you cannot lose. 

MMAP Crypto Is The Simplest Investment In Your Digital Money Future You’ll Ever Make.

By: Editor-in-chief
Michaelson Williams


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