Cryptocurrency, The Power To Build and Destroy

Cryptocurrency, The Power To Build and Destroy

Elon Musk has warned us on at least a couple of occasions that the world is moving to fast in technology. Keep in mind that Musk recently put over 1 billion into Bitcoin’s future. So while I do agree with Musk, we do need to have conversations on what technology is moving to fast. For instance can we say that cryptocurrency and blockchain are moving to fast as well? They are technologies. Will the digital money prove to be yet another technology we didn’t put enough thought into? It may be to early to tell at this point. We will surely find out once paper money becomes a historical ghost.

Recent history is showing us that world leaders aren’t doing to well at making sound decision. Now-a-days it seems that every decision that comes from our “leaders”‘ moves us closer and closer to the Dark Ages. We as humans are quickly evolving into creatures who are unable to learn from our past history. The collective continues to move toward circumstances less connected to our natural world. We hear the echo’s of danger but press on, guided by an almost uncontrollable invisible force. Are we soon to find that our lives are nothing more than a futuristic Netflix film. The digital technology that will soon drive all money is sure to do some good in the world. The question is for whom?

So how can we find balance between a potential out of control train reck and the light at the end of the tunnel? Cryptocurrency could be our digital Knight In Shinning Armor. The advent of the cryptocurrency has the means of shifting power from the few to the many. Cryptocurrency is powerless if gobbled up and controlled by the already mega wealthy. We already see what the wealthy elites vision of the world looks like, and there are less smiles in that picture. When you see one of these Doctor Evil look-a-likes, they always speak as ultimate authority. No matter where in the world or what people they lead, these “elites” speak down to the masses. The People Who Put Them In Power.

BUT WHAT IF… cryptocurrency gives the power for every person to manage themselves. What if cryptocurrency affords each person the power to build life the way they see fit? Imagine the healing powers of cryptocurrency if in the hands of the masses. People could use their cryptocurrency’s to build back close to home infrastructures. Not everything in our world should be all about giant corporations. The Little Guys and Mom and Pop stores are the true backbone of nearly every community around the world. It’s the close to home conner shops that make us feel more connected. You’ll never feel connection while dealing with the mega-giant corporations. In the hands of those CEO’s cryptocurrency only has the power to destroy.

Cryptocurrency is the future, there is no denying that fact. The question is, how will cryptocurrency shape our future as a collective? How will cryptocurrency shape your future? As an individual will you be prepared for the changes cryptocurrency brings to your life? There is going to be digital money choices down the road that will change you and your family’s life. These choices about money will either lend to giving power or taking power away. There is an old saying that “there is power in numbers.” This statement is no longer true. Having numbers does not equate to power. Having the “numbers” on our side can also mean that we have lots of people but they weak minded. There is only power in the masses working as a collective to make real change.

Recognizing cryptocurrency’s as tools for collective independence can mean Power To The People. Destructiveness comes into play if cryptocurrency is only realized as a personal fulfillment. One crypto project that definitely has The People in mind is A-Coin Token. This project focuses on a collective movement in cryptocurrency. The main tenets of the A-Coin Token project are bases upon collective goal-achievement. It’s easy to back a project when its main root ideology stems from the needs of the collective. As we all look towards the future of cryptocurrency let’s keep in mind to make it a tool for good. Be sure to visit the A-Coin Token cryptocurrency project. Your future may be riding on its success.

by: Michaelson Williams, tsx, Editor-n-Chief at MMAP Magazine

Creator of the A-Coin Token cryptocurrency project

Founder of KARMARMY – Good Karma Army Community here on

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