Two women in suits holding a MMAP Advertising sign
MMAP magazine’s ad space revenue is reinvested into the magazine, so we can reach the people who need us most. We are working to reach over 100,000,000 email inboxes each month. The pricing for ad space is listed in the rentable ad real estate locations. Both single-issue and multi-issue advertising slots are available with multiple issue discounts listed as well. We include a backlink URL to your website in every ad, so people interested in your products and services can get to you fast.
Placing your respective ads with products or services information is simple and easy. You design your ad with a logo, and text to fit the magazine’s real estate location you choose. All ad space is a flat rate for color or black & white text ads. Placing MMAP magazine ads is Simple and Easy.
Email our Ad Rep letting them know which lot number and how many issues you wish to run your advertising. There are no hidden fees or contracts. We find our readers the same way we found you, website, email, social media, partner accounts, search engines, etc.
We encourage our partner advertisers to share the MMAP magazine with their email list and on social media as well. Remember someone else is sharing your ad content to their list, so it’s only polite to return the favor. Your ad remains in the issue/s that you advertise in forever.
Previous issues of MMAP magazines are promoted with newer ones, as the magazines’ articles and information rarely become outdated. If the ad space that you are looking for is not available at this time let us know and we will notify you when its next availability.
We want you to advertise with us. Get in contact with us about your ad space via email at
If you have a large active email list in the opportunity seeker niche and would like to partner with us, reach out. Email us at and be sure to include “Email Partner” in the subject line for fastest response.