A Crypto Trading Learning Journey

A Crypto Trading Learning Journey

Every time I speak with someone about digital currency they tell me how they don’t understand it. A little while back my only reply was that “I don’t understand it either”. I am a research super junky and I don’t like the idea of not knowing something that I’m interested in. Cryptocurrency was one of those things that I was curious about but felt like I didn’t have the time to learn. I was also to busy working on other projects that it didn’t seem important enough to worry about. Plus the entire digital money trading idea was alien to me. Digital money was something in futuristic movies. It wasn’t something people would engage in for real to me. A friend told by once that he uses his watch to pay for almost everything. He just swipes and go. This got me thinking…

The time of seeing people walk through a grocery store line or paying for gas with a swipe of the wrist was here. Shortly paper money will be a thing of the past, and digital is how you’ll make all your daily purchases. If you think “Big Corp” doesn’t want your money on a digital implant somewhere on your body you are wrong. Money is going to move fast and digital is the fastest way to move money. Crypto currency is showing us early models of what’s to come, whether you’re onboard with it or not. If you haven’t noticed by now I’ve been doing a great deal of research on this topic. But before I go off on another tangent let me tell you how I get myself into studying cryptocurrency trading.

Like anything else you have to want to do it, to learn it. If you are not passionate about learning crypto trading you are most likely going to quit early on. Why spend the energy on something you are not totally passionate about? If I’m correct digital currency trading is on the rise and will be around for a very long time. This was what I told myself to wake my own passion for learning crypto trading. My brain had to be all in on the crypto trading learning because I knew I had a lot to learn. At least I thought I did. I had no idea learning digital currency would be like starting school all over again. And I’m not talking about college either. This learning process was like being in 8th or 9th grade again for me.

Okay if learning crypto trading was going to be like starting school again then I had to set my class times. I told myself if you are going to be good at digital trading you have to treat trading with importance. See, I think many new digital money traders act as if it’s a hobby, so their put hobby importance on their learning. This means having the mindset that if I skip a day or two or even a week of learning it won’t matter. The truth is there is so much information out on the internet that anyone can be an expert at all things crypto. The serious crypto learner can find articles, videos, or podcast about topics such as; blockchain, hash, nodes, candles, scalping, and on and on. Some of these terms you may already know and maybe some you do not.

What I did to learn crypto trading was to pick a topic and time in my schedule, let’s say an hour. I would read for 30 minute and watch 30 minutes of video. It didn’t matter whether I understood the content or not. I wasn’t reading and watching videos for complete comprehension of the information. I already knew I wouldn’t understand the content at first. But that didn’t matter because the information was going into my brain. And whatever was going into my brain I could use later to connect the dots. I’ve learnt to fill the filing cabinets of my brain and then organize those information files later. My goal was to push as much information into my brain as possible. Later I would allow the pieces of the puzzle to come together naturally. My system was working in no time at all.

There is more to my learning crypto story, but I will end it here until next time. I’ll tell you how and why I increased my learning schedule from one hour per day to three hours per day.

By: Michaelson Williams, tsx

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