What is the MMAPgoals Project?

The MMAPgoals project is a project that plans to create a space where goal-achievement is a natural process. Where people can trade their goal-setting plan and goal-achievements for cryptocurrency. We are building a platform that addresses the overwhelming number of people who set goals but do not achieve them for one reason or another. We plan for fill in the gap where people lose hope in their ability to make their goals an achievable reality. Most importantly we are creating a means for the 92% who are failing a goal-achievement to succeed.

Why are you having a Token Sale?

The MMAPgoals project is our Big vision. For us to achieve our goals of increasing the number of people who succeed at goal-achievement we must also meet a funding goal. The Token Sale is how we plan to do so.

When will the Token Sale start?

The Token Sale has started for the Private Sale phase. Other phases of the Token Sale will be announced one the Private Sale is completed.

Are you running two separate Token Sale projects?

No, we are only running one cryptocurrency project. However, the MMAPgoals project platform is fueled by A-COIN TOKEN (ACT) cryptocurrency and will be traded on MMAPgoals.

Will there be a White Listing of buyer?

Yes, in order to make sure the security of the Token Sale is as transparent as possible there will be a buyers White Listing.

Will you need to KYC buyers?

Yes, again for the best level of security and to follow Government regulations buyers will need KYC.

What are the benefits of buying (ACT) tokens?

Discounts for purchasing (ACT) token early. Tokens are sold at a discount at every phase of the Token Sale until we reach the final phase where token will be sold a full price.
Longer term benefit is that the increasing popularity of the token will cause the (ACT) cryptocurrency to increase in value.

Do you have a Bounty Program?

Yes, however, it is not open to United State citizens due to Government regulations. Cryptocurrency threatens government control over the financial markets so they are using regulations to restrict as much as possible. Never the less we believe digital currency is the future happening right now, so we continue to move forward.

Who will be able to participate in the Token Sale?

Everyone, once the Private Sale is over the next phase or pre sale will be open to the public in subsequent phases.

When I buy (ACT) tokens in the Token Sale will I become a partner of MMAPgoals?

No. When you purchase token you are only investing in the (ACT) tokens themselves and not in any part of MMAPgoals the social platform.

When will I receive my tokens from the Token Sale?

All tokens will be distributed once all phases of the Token Sale are completed.

How many A-COIN TOKEN (ACT) tokens will be available for sale?

Then total number of token that are being sold in the (ACT) Token Sale is 1,300,000,000 with 900,000,000 being sold in the public sales. 400,000,000 has been reserved for the private sale of ACT.


What is the minimum and maximum investment?

The minimum investment is 0.1 ETH and the maximum is unlimited.

When will I be able to trade my A-COIN TOKEN (ACT) tokens?

Tokens will NOT be transferable out of your wallet right away. Tokens will become transferable on February 2021 or sooner. If sooner we will make the announcement on all platforms for which we participate.

Does MMAPgoals and A-COIN TOKEN have advisors and experts on the project?

Yes, we would not be able to do this project without On-project and Off-project consultant’s and experts. Advisors for this project will be in the upcoming updates to the project whitepaper.

Is the Smart Contract for the project Token Sale completed and deployed?

No not yet. We are in the process of development of the Smart Contract for this project, but we are close. Most likely by the time you are reading this FAQ the Smart Contract will be deployed already.

Do you have a working demo for MMAPgoals ready for testing?

The MMAPgoals platform development is well on its way and we are looking to have a testing ground setup in early 2021.

If I lose my ACT tokens in the wallet where it is stored what happens?

You are in full control of your wallet where you store you purchased tokens. Unfortunately is you were to lose your key phase or password, etc we cannot do anything about this. Be very careful about how and where you store your information. This is your responsibility.
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